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Enhanced Athlete Arachidonic Acid - Muscle and Strength Booster - Preserve Muscle and Boost Protein Synthesis - 350mg x 120 Capsules

Enhanced Athlete
  • IMPROVE PERFORMANCE - Enhanced Athlete's Archadonic Acid supports breaking through the typical plateaus most athletes encounter. Results are best when combined with a calorie-controlled diet and exercise program
  • FASTER RECOVERY - Our formula is designed to help decrease muscle recovery time so that you feel the affects of your workouts more intensly which means that you'll potentially see faster results by breaking down your muscles more effectively, which is why we developed our Arachidonic Acid supplement.
  • SUPPORTS OVERTRAINING - Our supplement helps provide the body with what it needs to perform at its maximum potential during times of extreme physical activity
  • HIGHEST QUALITY and POTENCY - Our Arachidonic Acid supplement provides one of the highest potency with 350mg per capsule for better and quicker results
  • 100% Money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your Enhanced Athlete purchase for any reason, no questions asked!

Read more Increase Muscle Mass Arachidonic Acid is known
to be the primary fatty acid responsible for muscle tissue inflammation. In
turn with our Arachidonic Acid supplement, more inflammation will be created
during a workout leading to more potential muscle growth Read more Support
Overtraining By having more Arachidonic Acid before a workout, the body is
then able to handle the increase in muscle inflammation from lifting weights.
Therefore, many athletes take Arachidonic Acid to push their workouts beyond
what they were capable before and set new PRs Read more Improve Muscle
Recovery When lifting weights, the body frees up the fatty acid arachidonic
acid which is then broken down and used to create localized hormones called
prostaglandins. These prostaglandins are what cause muscle pain after a
workout and motion the body to rebuild muscle tissue Read more Break Plateaus
Break Plateaus - Say goodbye to plateaus because with Arachidonic Acid the
body can handle a larger workload and push your previous limits. Thus, this
supplement is great for people who havent been able to break their own PRs
and want to get to the next level These statements have not been evaluated by
the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure, or prevent any disease Read more
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