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Amazing India Ashwagandha (Made with Organic Ashwagandha) 500 Mg 250 Veggie Capsules (Non-GMO) * Promotes Healthy Immunity Supports Stress Management and Promotes Vitality *

Amazing India Organic Ashwagandha - 500 Mg, 250 Veggie Capsules

The Ashwagandha (withania somnifera) herb is native to India and Southeast Asia. For centuries, the root and leaves of the Ashwagandha have been used in folk remedies due to it remarkable properties such as:

- Anti-inflammatory- helps to reduce inflammation *
- Antioxidants - help neutralize the effect of free radical damage, supporting healthy ageing*
- Adaptogenic- helps to fight the effects of physical and emotional stress*

Amazing India Organic Ashwagandha dietary supplement provides a potent dosage of 500 mg per veggie capsule making it easy to distribute your dosage through the day to reach the correct recommended dosage.

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