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Enzymedica - Chewable Acid Soothe, Supports the Relief of Occasional Heartburn + Indigestion, 60 count

  • STOP THE SUFFERING: Digestive enzymes like amylase, cellulase and lipase help to support digestion of foods that may cause heartburn and indigestion.
  • ZINC CARNOSINE: Zinc Carnosine is included to assist in strengthening the mucosal lining of the stomach, acting as a buffer to gastric acid.
  • EXCLUSIVE THERA-BLEND: Thera-blend is an exclusive process that combines multiple strains of enzymes that work in various pH levels, resulting in superior performance in the body.
  • FREE OF: Rest assured knowing that this product does not contain any egg, dairy, preservatives, salt, sucrose, soy, wheat, nuts, corn, gluten, casein, potato, rice, or any artificial colors or flavors.
  • QUALITY + EXPERIENCE: Enzymedica was founded in 1998 with the purpose of offering our customers the highest-potency enzyme products possible. Our goal of educating people about the importance of enzymes in overall health is what motivates Enzymedica. All of our products are made from only the highest quality enzymes and contain absolutely no fillers to ensure purity. Every product is 100% vegetarian, and we seek out vegan and Kosher ingredients whenever possible.

Size:60 Count Stop Feeling the Burn! Occasional heartburn and acid discomfort
after a meal is often a symptom of impaired digestion as a result of factors
including lifestyle and diet. Enzymedica Acid Soothe Chewables aids in
relieving occasional acid discomfort and supports strengthening the lining of
the stomach.
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