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FIDLOCK Twist Bottle 450 & Uni Base Set for Kids- Bike Water Bottle Holder with No Screws & Attached Bottle - Cage Free Magnetic Rack - Clear

The all-new TWIST BOTTLE 450 Fidlock-Bike redefines the future of the bike bottle and their mounting, thanks to an innovative magnet-mechanical closure system functionality and handling. The bottle itself has a molded system that contains two magnets and a mechanic fixture. The two magnets find their counterpart automatically and guide the bottle into the right position. Then with a "click" the mechanic fixture comes in place to hold the bottle properly, even on gravel or hard off road trails. For drinking it is a clockwise TWIST to release the bottle from the male part at the frame. The advantages are obvious: the Fidlock Bottle TWIST 450 can be mounted to all frames, especially to those where a normal bottle-cage-system wouldn´t find enough room. Think about modern full suspension frames, small sized frames, kids bikes frames, etc - and of cause the Bottle 450 looks amazing on all frames! And for sure you could go Enduro, Freeride, Triathlon, road, gravel or just a pavement ride with it! A better, safer, and quicker handling is on the pro list of the TWIST BOTTLE 450. There's no need to look down anymore because of the magnetic guidance - so keep your eyes on the road, the trail, the traffic and enjoy the ride!

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