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The Good Jerky Spicy Trio Pack - Variety Pack of Smoked, Swai, and Trout Spicy Flavors - Protein & Omega-3 Rich Fish - 100% Sustainable Source, Healthy Seafood Snacks, No Gluten or MSG, Non-GMO

Looking for a healthier snack?

When people feel peckish, chances are good that the first thing they reach for is a bag of potato chips or some other type of junk food. These salty treats may satisfy their hunger for a while, but it's all a bunch of empty calories that are terrible for their long-term health.

But who says that's the way it has to be? If you want a nutritious snack that doesn't have any gluten or artificial preservatives yet still tastes amazing, we have the perfect solution.

Satisfy your cravings with this Spicy Trio Variety Pack by The Good Jerky!

With three unique yet equally delicious flavors to choose from, this bundle of Spicy Trio jerky is sure to delight your taste buds! All of our jerkies are marinated and smoked to maximize flavor absorption, ensuring that every bite will leave a lasting impression.

The best part is that you can enjoy this yummy snack guilt-free, since it is low in calories, and provides a generous amount of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids in every serving. Studies show that these fatty acids are linked to everything from better heart health to stronger mental performance!

The ingredient we use is sourced from quality fisheries, which are not only a more sustainable alternative to caught but also tend to provide more Omega-3s. Last but not least, a portion of every sale is donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to cardiovascular research and educating customers on healthy living.

What else should you know about our product?

✅ Great topping for salads or other recipes
✅ Two year shelf life
✅ Each bag weighs 2.5 oz

Enjoy better health without sacrifice. Add the Spicy Trio Variety Pack by The Good Jerky to your cart TODAY!

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